SBR Reliability

  • Tool-Free Tuning
  • SBR Platforms
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The IROC MB increases reliability through its tool-free ajustability. Reliability is achieved on short-barrel (below 10.5"), gas operated weapons by decreasing the cyclic rate, which contributes to jamming when the bolt cycles too fast due to gas pressure. Increasing the gas pressure allows the bolt to remain open longer thereby allowing rounds to eject and the bolt to cycle more efficiently.

Tool-free adjustability provides the shooter the option of firing ammunition of varying grain loads with the same consistent feel in every trigger pull.

Accuracy & Precision

  • Faster Target Reengagement
  • Portless Compensator
  • Climb Arrester
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The IROC MB increases precision on your weapons platform with each trigger pull by acting as a compensator. Increased precision is accomplished through the effects of forward energy direction which reduces muzzle climb thereby allowing shooters to reengage the same target faster. An increase in accuracy is achieved through more focused direction of the energy on round exit, specifically on shorter barreled platforms.

Increased accuracy and precision results in a higher lethality for each and every shooter in every application!

Minimize Shooter Signature

  • Reduces Flash and Sound
  • Increased Maneuverability
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While in theory, the IROC MB is not a flash hider, it reduces the flash signature to decrease blinding effects experienced with firing a weapons platform. Flash and effects from sound are projected forward and away from the shooter thereby allowing friendly forces to maneuver in closer proximity to one another with a reduction in the adverse effects traditionally experienced in close quarters shooting.

The IROC Muzzle Brake